Community Groups

Community Groups

What are Community Groups?

“Community Groups” are small communities that meet regularly to learn about God, pray, eat, laugh, share life together and help one another serve our town with the gospel’s message.

These are the communities of people meeting together wherever people live. They are small, simple groups powered by relationships and the presence of God. Community Groups are the way we can encourage a deep transformational community (family) that serves us individually and as a church.

What do Community Groups do?

  1. LOVE JESUS  = Love God (worship, prayer, study the bible)
  2. Live LIFE ON LIFE together = Love one another, be other aware, care for one another
  3. And be ON MISSION together = help one another reach those who don’t know Christ

We all have a need to be part of a close-knit community, a place to belong, grow, laugh and serve with others as we learn to love God, love each other, and share God’s love with our world.

Join us on that journey; get connected today by contacting the church office on 083 538 6869 or Not sure if there is a Community Group in your area? Have a look at the current groups in our church below, get in touch, and we’ll connect you: